Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fort Caspar

We took a little time to visit Fort Caspar while in Casper. It was so close to our campground and was super cheap (three dollars for adults and free for kids). It is a museum/historical recreation of the old Fort Caspar.

The museum has an exhibit on old toys, which was the favorite of the younger boys since they had some toys to play with as well as those under glass! There were some other displays in the museum that give a history of the area including the ferry ran by Mormons to help emigrants cross the North Platte River.

The outside grounds are a recreation based on plans drawn up by Lt. Caspar himself of the former United States Army fort. There was a battle with a Sioux tribe nearby where Lt. Caspar was killed, hence the name of the fort and later the city. The fort is small, but interesting and the little guys had fun looking into each building to discover what amazing treasures were stored there!

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