Monday, February 14, 2011

Sequoia NP on Kissgiving Day

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day, spending a good portion of the day at Sequoia National Park. David has re-cooined this holiday, Kissgiving, so in his honor he gets to explain in his way what a Sequoia Tree is always about! The Hi-def was turned off of video recorder!

Anyway we had plenty of snow to throw around and even had a pinecone fight (see me get pelted with pine cones by Patsy and Tanner in the video below!)

For Kissgiving this year we started a new tradition of exchanging names with each other and then hit the Dollar Tree to buy some small thing for the name we drew! As a big present this year our whole family got a little Chihuahua puppy. He is a cutie-pie whom we named Sherman (after the General Sherman Tree at Sequoia). Enjoy our pics and Happy Kissgiving day!!

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