Sunday, February 13, 2011

50 McDonalds - California

For all you McDonalds haters it is my proud duty to tell you we have hit another of the golden arches in another state, the golden state of California! Since the accident we have been stuck in Bakersfield, CA for a week. After a morning of traipsing around signing documents, meeting adjusters and collecting our old van's possessions, it seemed like perfect timing to add another notch on our Ronald McDonald belt.

The inside was a total McCafe, which caused Blake to remark that it reminded him too much of Starbucks. "It is too laid back," he said. Of course there was no playland, which are always big hits with our kids, but do not blend into the coffee shop motif. Still, dad and mom like the calm colors and the smooth jazz one in awhile. After all the coffees are the best thing on Mickey's Menu!

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