Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photo War at the Santa Barbara Zoo

As big Psych fans we wanted to visit the city the TV show is set in, Santa Barbara. But where would we go once we got there. It seemed unrealistic to go to the police station and take photos, and since we have free passes to their zoo and one of the episodes was based there, it seemed like a natural fit. The episode in question has a polar bear framed for the killing of a zoo employee. Well we're sad to learn there are no polar bears at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

This did not hamper the Martin family in any way however. For some reason my lovely wife decided to challenge our oldest Blake to an artistic photo war featuring the zoos semi-wild inhabitants. In some sort of twisted way in known only to her, she was trying to encourage him to develop his natural talent in this area.

This of course made each stop along the zoo route all the more interesting as each competitor in this combat of cameras tried to outdo the other for the most amazing shot of Santa Barbara Zoo! It was like watching two finely-tuned athletes struggle for supremacy on the gymnasium floor. Not really, but it makes for good drama!

So no we need your help as readers of this blog. Readers who do not normally comment, we need your comments. The pictures in this post were all taken by either Blake or Patsy at the Santa Barbara Zoo. We are not going to reveal which ones were taken by whom, so we have completely blind test. If you would kindly tell us which of the pictures you like the best, this will help us in determining to champion of photography in our humble family.

BTW - each set of pictures in this post includes one photo by Blake and one by Patsy, so they have equal chances of winning. You can also comment on my facebook page if you would rather!


  1. Santa Barbara Zoo votes for the gorilla shot! What a great expression captured. Sounds like you had a fun trip, thanks for visiting and for blogging!

  2. Between here and facebook Patsy's yawning gorilla wins, but Blake had more of his shots voted for overall! He took the eagle, the swimming penguin, the gorilla's rear and the anteater, Patsy took the others!

    How cool Santa Barbara Zoo commented. most of the votes were cast through facebook.

  3. I`m late on this as I just found your blog and am having a great time reading through posts tonight.

    my overall fav is the yawning gorilla but Blake won my votes with the ant eater, penguin and bald eagle...great job! and how fun! My 4 year old loves to take pictures... thank-goodness for digital ;p I can`t wait until she is a bit older and we can do something similar

  4. Thanks for voting Brooke! I'll pass on the votes of confidence to Blake!


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