Sunday, November 7, 2010

Braum Family Farm Tour

During our stay in Oklahoma, we just couldn’t pass up the Family Friendly Free-bee of a tour of the Braum Family Farm. Braum’s is a semi-local business that makes some of the best ice cream I have ever eaten. But they only have restaurants within 300 miles of the farm, so they can deliver their products fresh and have their drivers back home in one day. This tour is probably one of the best tours we have taken yet. Make sure you call ahead of time so they can give you the best tour time.
When you arrive at the visitor’s entrance, they will show you a short film explaining the whole farm and factory that produces their yummy ice cream, milk, dairy products and baked goods. Then you get to ride in the tour bus that has a fun black and white spotted “cow” paint job. My boys were struck speechless when they heard the bus start to make mooing sounds. It’s just that kind of a fun place. The farm isn’t really open for tours, but you get to see most of that on the film and they do point out the interesting buildings of the farm on the bus ride. Finally, you arrive at the factory where they make the really important stuff….the ice cream!

The factory is built with an upper level that runs the entire length of the building. All the way through they have windows looking down over the factory floor. As we walked through the window lined hallway and were shown all the different parts of the factory, we were greeted with friendly waves from the employees below. It was so fun to watch them make the ice cream bars that were being covered in chocolate, the Birthday Cake ice cream, and the huge vats of cottage cheese. We even got to peek into the lab where they test the quality of their milk and other products. And our tour guide was so friendly. She made sure that the boys saw all the really interesting parts and understood what they were seeing.
After that, it was back in the bus and we returned to the visitor’s entrance. But, don’t make the mistake of not going back into the building, because there is more inside. They make sure that everyone gets an ice cream bar before they leave, and our guide also made sure that each of the boys got their own Braum’s magnet, stickers and post cards. The boys give the Braum’s tour 5 thumbs up and were even more excited when we decided to stop at a Braum’s for lunch and a gallon of their farm fresh milk. They all agree that Braum’s has the best tasting milk they have ever had. So, I guess you could say we give it 5 milk mustaches up.

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