Thursday, November 4, 2010

Action Figure Museum

Only in America could you have an entire museum dedicated to action figures. With over 15,000 toys for boys (OK and some girls too), the Action Figure Museum was a virtual paradise for the gentleman in our home. One section is a diorama with somewhere around a thousand action figures set up in an imaginary bedroom. They have a section dedicated to some of our favs including Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Tron.

Our youngest sons loved the dress up area where they could pretend to be Darth Vader, Spider Man or Batman. While the guys in our house loved this place, it was a bit pricey, so mom "sat out" this amazing museum in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma! Can you believe she skipped seeing the Lone Ranger on a Tauntaun, The Thing cradling Nemo or a Giant T-Rex munching on C3PO! I am not sure I'll ever quite understand girls!!

Other highlights included a Dr. Laura doll, some original Star Wars figures (just like the ones I had), Indiana Jones cereal, a super hero underwear collection and Bat Man Hamburger Helper!

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