Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mt. Vernon

Our family joined thousands of others, including about thirty tour buses full of high school groups, at Mt. Vernon. Patsy and I visited here 15 years ago in the fall and had a wonderful time, with sparse crowds and plenty of elbow room. Spring break may not be the best time to visit any of the Washington DC area sites.

Oh well, we still learned a bit about our first President George Washington and his wife Martha. Mt. Vernon is more than the home of the Washingtons. It is a living farm, nursery, and a museum educating visitors to the life of the Washingtons, the Revolutionary War, the beginning of our nation and Colonial life. Their movies are very well done and give you a very vivid idea of the life of their subjects.

Our kids loved the various animals on the farm area and especially the baby lambs, goats and pigs.Visiting the home of Washington you can see why he loved this place with its amazing overlook of the Potomac River and serene feel of the place in spite of thousands of teenage tourists!

We loved these two bulls who were chewing cud in unison!

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