Sunday, July 17, 2011

Medora, North Dakota

Our first stop on the wonderful state of North Dakota was the small vacation hot spot - Medora. Medora exists pretty much for tourists. The south entrance to Theodore Roosevelt National Park is in Medora, and the area has capitalized on those stopping to see the park. There is tons more to do in Medora besides the national park however.
Harold Schafer, the founder of Gold Seal and Mr. Bubble products, was a one-time Medora resident. He put tons of revenue into building the town up and making it a destination for travelers. There is a small museum in Medora where you can learn more about Harold Schafer and his company. Chase was amazed by Mr. Bubble and the old television in the museum that played a loop of old Mr. Bubble commercials. All he talked about for the next three days was the Mr. Bubble show!

Medora has also built an amazing playground in town. This wooden playground is built to look like an old western town complete with a jail, bank and other buildings. There are tons of little areas to hide and play in, along with traditional playground fare like slides and swings. Despite the heat, our boys played here for a long time and only left when they were dying of thirst!

Medora has tons more to do, like the nightly musical, the Cowboy Hall of Fame, shopping and restaurants. We didn't do many of these other than the musical, but that is another post! Funny that before I planned our time in North Dakota I had never heard of Medora, North Dakota!

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