Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bismarck, North Dakota

We spent a couple of the hottest days we have experienced on our trip in Bismarck, North Dakota. Fortunately we stayed a campground with a pool! Still we wanted to find some fun and free things to do. Bismarck has had some terrible flooding from the Missouri River, so a couple of the activities were looking at were closed due to damage from the flood.

We lucked out with a cool little kids' science museum that was part of our membership plan. Gateway to Science is a neat little place and our boys love these hands-on science museum. We learned firsthand about magnetism, lights and mirrors, water pressure, air pressure, generating electricity, levers and fulcrums and so much more! We could not get the boys to leave, even with the promise of food!

As we were leaving Gateway to Science, Patsy said "You boys just had a month's worth of science lessons and you didn't even know it!" Getting a membership to these science museums has been a great idea as we have saved hundreds of dollars just on the few we have went too!

After the trip to the science museum we went to a local diner called Kroll's Diner. Patsy had been wanting to take the family to an old fashioned silver diner that were so big in the 1950s. Kroll's fit that bill, plus it had a German soup I was hoping to try - Knoephla Soup. It is a cream based soup with dough and potatoes and is basically yummy. Even though it was hot outside, it was cool in the diner and the soup went down just fine! We had a great time at Kroll's!

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