Friday, December 31, 2010

Johnson Space Center in Houston

In 2005 our family of four visited the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and had a blast. So many cool rockets and displays and we even got to go into the retired Columbia Space Shuttle! So 5 1/2 years later and a bigger family and we were really excited to go to the Johnson Space Center in Texas.

The only disappointment we had was bad timing on our part. This week was probably the worst week of the year to do anything geared for kids. Everyone is out of school, bored with their Christmas toys and home from travels, so this place was crawling with families! At times it was stifling. But we did not let this dampen our enthusiasm.
Well, we did let it do a little dampening a couple of times. Still we managed to see all the special shows, exhibits and even rode the tram to see Mission Control (thought of Ed Harris) and Rocket Hall.

We all loved the moon rocks and learning how the astronauts go the bathroom on the International Space Station. Here are our favorites exhibits. Chase liked the special effects in the Blast-off theater, while Brendan liked learning about Astronauts on the big IMAX. David liked the traveling Lego Knights exhibit and Tanner liked building robots. Blake liked touring the fax Space Shuttle best and Patsy enjoyed the Mission Control tour the most. I enjoyed going down the rocket fast slide in the play area best of all! Seriously I enjoyed telling my boys about brave Americans like Alan Shepherd, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin the best. And going down a super fast rocket slide!

So as you can see, despite the crowds we had a fun and memorable day!

PS for some reason on our tram ride we saw several deer traipsing around the Space Center complex. Strange.

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