Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting gear

July has been an incredibly busy month, getting moved in, unpacked, two birthdays, visiting family, family visiting us, getting the yard back in shape, catching up with old friends and a ton of paperwork!

But we also have been outfitting our RV, even though we don't have it yet (it should be ready in a couple of weeks). So what have we got so far for our big adventure?

  • DVD based curriculum called Switched on Schoolhouse for Blake and Tanner. This is highly recommended stuff and will save a ton of room compared to books.

  • Regular curriculum for David, Brendan and Chase. They are all going to be working on Kindergarten together using My Father's World. They are also each going to have their own Leapster and we have got several games with birthday money.

  • A docking station for our Wii-motes - very important stuff! It will help cut down on battery needs.

  • A portable screened in room for our picnic area. Got to keep the flies out.

  • A table-top grill. Our RV does not come equipped.

  • We also bought a crank-turn, non-electric washing machine. It is pretty compact and hopefully we can save some money by doing some of our laundry in it. We will post more on this later. We tried it once on some sheets and towels and it worked pretty well. You can buy one from the clean air gardening website. You can see the picture of it here.

  • For work we got a Verizon mifi card, for wireless internet wherever we can get Verizon cell service. So far it works very nice.
  • We finally got a GPS, a Garmin. Didn't figure we should try and tackle driving around the continent without taking advantage of this technology at our fingertips. We even found an RV for the display!
  • Several little small things like laundry bags, folding tables and some clothing.

So fun and exciting to do the outfitting part! It feels like we are getting closer. Can't wait to hit the road.

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