Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Circle of Life

Every journey has it's stepping stones, side streets and pit stops. This journey is no different for our family. What feels weird about this particular detour is that it is in a place from our past that we had no real expectations of returning to. We left Cambridge, Illinois seven years ago with tears in our eyes because we loved this little town. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would live here again. My sister Rachel Cassady and her family lived in Cambridge, so we did visit here once (in November 2003), but the Cassadys soon left as my brother-in-law Matt went into the chaplaincy soon after that. However, they were never able to sell their house in Cambridge, and it is now sitting vacant - until last week that is.

This little house in Cambridge is going to be our home for the next three months. While we are here we can do some much needed repairs to the place for the Cassadys and we can organize ourselves, wait for our rig, and then outfit. We can also begin working on booking churches. Next week we will have a major announcement in regards to our traveling ministry. Stay tuned!

In the end our journey has brought us back to a nice little town from our memories and will allow us to reconnect with a part of our past we thought may have been lost to us forever.

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