Monday, May 10, 2010

Back from vacation and developments

Sorry I haven't written a bunch. we just went on a two week vacation highlighted by 8 days in Walt Disney World. We had a blast. I love every minute with my fam. You can read more about it on my other blog .

The big news for the trip is that we have nailed down the non-profit ministry we will be partnering with while on the trip doing children's ministry training with. I cant say who it is yet, big announcement will be coming in July! Patsy has also started blogging for a site called Kirace. You can check it out for yourself - it is called French Fries Under the Seat! Once we get on the road, this blog will be her perspective of life with a family of seven on the road.

This new life awaiting us is still hush hush because of my job. We are making it official at the church this week with my senior pastor, but it will still be some time before the church as a whole knows, so for now it is still a secret but for a few of you!

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