Monday, April 19, 2010

Steeles on Wheels

The second book I read on living in an RV fulltime was Steeles on Wheels. This is another story of a retired couple, kids all gone, taking to the road to enjoy their life together as husband and wife.

Even though they are at a totally different station in life than us I did appreciate their stories. Some of them were very educational for me. They talk a lot about life on the road with their big dog, who is a bit nervous and high strung. We have wondered a lot about pets. We have a cat who will most certianly not be going with us (anyone looking for a cat to house for a couple of years?). However Tanner wants a corn snake for his birthday and we are fairly certain we are going to get him one. He had one a few years ago and loved it. His little brother, who was two at the time, let Slidey out and we never saw him again.

It might be fun to report on Slidey the Second's life on the road!

The book also talks about all the ins and outs of finding a good RV park, pulling into a gas station, trying to find adequate cell and Internet coverage. This book was written a few years ago and technology has changed dramatically for full-timers though, as it has for everyone. Wifi is offered in most campgrounds and several cell phone companies carry national plans, so it will be a bit different experience for us.

All in all Steeles on Wheels is a good book for anyone dreaming of the fulltime lifestyle!


  1. I will have to get my hands on a copy of that!

    Have a great night. See you on the road...


  2. It was pretty good - except they do not have kids!


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