Thursday, March 3, 2011

Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is worth blogging about for two reasons. First of all it was the site of the second half of our family reunion as the Cassadys joined our large clan. It was the first we seen the Cassadys since 2008, and the cousin hugging was rather effusive, almost embarrassing in the middle of a build your own remote control car store! I am sure our group of 21 has seemed a rather daunting as we traipse around greater Los Angeles in and out of stores, shops, restaurants and museums. At any rate it has been a very long time since we were all together, since like 2006, so it is quite an unusual affair to pull us from the corners of the globe to, of all places, Downtown Disney!

The second reason to blog about it is the Lego Store. As a family, we generally love these stores if only for the amazing Lego Creations they have there. This one was no exception with a giant giraffe and a life-sized Darth Vader and Woody from Toy Story. There were also Legos to play with and Lego computer games to play. Of course some money was exchanged for certain Lego products as well. I guess the store was not traumatized by our visit!

After some shopping at the Disney store there we went to Johnny Rockets for lunch where our loud crew was welcomed and our wallets opened!

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