Friday, September 17, 2010

Leap of Faith

Do you remember the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where he has to take the "leap of faith?" He couldn't see anything below him but a deep ravine, but he had to trust that something was going to be there when he put his foot out.

It is interesting to note that even on the precipice of a dream coming true, th
ere is still a nervous leap of faith that must take place. In the midst of the excitement, the planning and preparing and plotting and praying, is and bundle of nervousness that sometimes keeps you up late at night or wakes you early in the morning.

The fear of the unknown is both terrible and marvelous at the same time. It is funny but over the years I have talked to several kids who have a similar feeling about heaven, including my own sons. Even though the promise of something is truly wonderful, the leaving of our comfort zone puts knots in our stomach. Why is that? Human nature I guess.
The sad reality is that those knots paralyze us sometimes. We refuse to take steps of faith, steps God has ordained for us, because of these nervous feelings. I think that the feelings were intended to drive us to prayer and preparation, not paralyzation.

So here we sit on the precipice of a dream come true. We choose not to fret but to take this nervous energy and use it as fuel for the fire to live for God with complete trust and abandon.


  1. This was most timely, as I have been seriously pushed and tested in this area over the past few years. Now, on the cusp of Richard coming home, I am once again being tested to take that Leap of Faith. Ultimately, for me, it is realizing that I really didn't trust God - time again to trust Him! I'm sure you'll see a blog posting of my own on this issue sometime soon. Thanks for the post - I needed that.

  2. You bet Rhoda. I visited your blog before. What is the web address again?


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